Daniel Suchenski is the Deputy Director for the China and the World Program. Before coming to Princeton, Mr. Suchenski spent years developing and implementing international programming for executive education at the Wharton business school and for the last two years has worked as the executive director on special projects & workforce development initiatives for the governor of Delaware for the Delaware STEM Network.

Rita Alpaugh

Rita C. Alpaugh has been the Program Assistant for the China and the World Program since its inception in 2004. Ms. Alpaugh has almost a decade of experience working at the Woodrow Wilson School for Public and International Affairs, and another twelve years' experience working for some of the most respected and high-powered firms on Wall Street. She brings a professionalism and ability to deal with every situation with competency and grace that makes the program what it is. Ms. Alpaugh hold a degree from Montclair State College.

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