Nhung Bui

My name is Nhung T. Bui and I am currently a PhD Candidate in the Politics Department at Princeton University. My research interests concern Chinese nationalism and nationalist propaganda and Chinese foreign relations. My ongoing dissertation project looks at China's communication and propaganda strategies during times of regime insecurity. My dissertation committee includes Prof. Thomas J. Christensen, Prof. Aaron L. Friedberg and Prof. Rory Truex.

Jeongseok Lee

Jeongseok Lee is a PhD student in Security Studies at Princeton University. Before coming to Princeton, he served in the Republic of Korea Air Force, teaching international relations and strategic studies at the ROK Air Force Academy as an instructor. Prior to the service, he received his BA (summa cum laude) in Political Science, and MA in International Relations from Seoul National University. His research focuses on international security and foreign policy, especially East Asian politics and security relations.

Björn Jerdén (叶必扬)

Princeton-Harvard China and the World Affiliate

Björn Jerdén (叶必扬) is Asia Program Director at the Swedish Institute of International Affairs. He holds a MA in International Relations from Malmö University and a PhD in Political Science from Stockholm University. Björn was a Visiting Fellow at Harvard University Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies in 2015–2016 and a Taiwan Fellow at National Taiwan University in 2013. His research has recently appeared in Review of International Studies, Asian Perspective and The Chinese Journal of International Politics.

Lynn T White III

Lynn T. White III is Professor of Politics and International Affairs at Princeton, and in 2007-08 he was the Acting Director at Princeton of the China and the World Program. His books include Careers in Shanghai about the 1950s and Policies of Chaos about Shanghai’s Cultural Revolution during the 1960s.Unstately Power follows these into the era of China’s reforms and into Shanghai’s hinterland. His forthcoming book is onEconomic Booms and Money Politics in Taiwan, East China, Thailand, and the Philippines.

Krista Forsgren

Krista Forsgren held the Assistant Director position until 2009 when she moved with her family to Atlanta, Georgia.  She has a strong background in East Asian affairs.  She started her formal study of Asia at Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service.  She continued her studies at Yale University, focuing on modern Chinese history while working for Chinese historian Jonathan Spence.  Krista has worked in Asia and in the United States.  She currently runs her own non-profit organization,Windows on Asia

Jisi Wang 王缉思

President of Peking University's Institute of International and Strategic Studies, Professor Wang Jisi is known for his study of China's relations with the United States and international relations overall. He serves on top advisory boards for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China and the Chinese Communist Party.

Evans J.R. Revere

Evans J.R. Revere, Lecturer in International Affairs and Diplomat-in-Residence, comes to Princeton after a distinguished career as one of the State Department's leading Asia experts, with extensive experience in Korea, China, and Japan.  He will be teaching Special Topics in Public Affairs: International Relations of East Asia.  Mr. Revere is Senior Director with the Albright Stonebridge group, a renowned global strategy firm and previously was president and CEO of The Korea Society, the foremost U.S.

Yan Bennett

Yan Bennett Business law attorney with substantive experience in mergers and business acquisitions, tax-free reorganizations, and business immigration law. Corporate in-house legal experience with focus on contract drafting and negotiation, due diligence reviews, and some IP matters. Former Foreign Service Officer and served in Singapore, China, and Bosnia. MA in International Affairs with specialization in East Asian politics.

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