Joel Wuthnow

Joel Wuthnow is a research fellow in the Center for the Study of Chinese Military Affairs at the U.S. National Defense University. His research focuses on Chinese military modernization, Chinese foreign and security policy, U.S.-China relations, and strategic developments in East Asia. Prior to joining NDU, he was a China analyst at the Center for Naval Analyses, where he worked on a range of studies for the U.S. Department of Defense.

Alison Kaufman

Alison Kaufman is an Asia analyst in CNA's China Strategic Issues Group of the Center for Naval Analyses (CNA) in Alexandria, Virginia. At CNA she has worked on issues related to China’s and Taiwan’s military culture, Chinese foreign and security policy, and cross-Strait relations. Her personal research focuses on the historical origins of and current trends in Chinese strategic and foreign policy debates.

Dawn Murphy

Dawn Murphy (瑞黎明) specializes in Chinese foreign policy and international relations. Her current research analyzes China’s interests and behavior as a rising global power towards the existing international order and China’s relations with the Middle East and Sub-Saharan Africa. As a CWP fellow, she worked on a book manuscript based on her dissertation entitled "Rising Revisionist?

Tabitha Grace Mallory

Tabitha Grace Mallory (马碧珊) specializes in international relations and Chinese foreign and domestic policy. Her current research interests include China’s role in global governance, environmental issues, and sustainable agriculture. As a CWP fellow, she worked on a book manuscript on China and global fisheries governance based on her dissertation entitled “China, Global Governance, and the Making of a Distant Water Fishing Nation.” Dr.

Cheng-Chwee Kuik

Cheng-Chwee Kuik (郭清水) is an associate professor at the Strategic Studies and International Relations Program at the National University of Malaysia (UKM). From August 2012-August 2013, he is a Visiting Research Fellow at Oxford's Department of Politics and International Relations, and concurrently an Associate Member of the Nuffield College. Cheng-Chwee researches on China-Southeast Asia relations, regional multilateralism, weaker states' alignment choices, and East Asian security.

Alanna Krolikowski

Alanna Krolikowski focuses her research on China-U.S. relations in strategic high-technology sectors. Her doctoral dissertation examines trade and technical cooperation between the two countries in commercial aircraft-manufacturing and civil-commercial space. During her time in the program, she will develop this project to examine bilateral relations in other high-technology sectors.


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