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Yu Zheng


Yu Zheng (郑宇) is an Assistant Professor of Political Science at University of Connecticut. He was a postdoctoral fellow at Princeton-Harvard China and the World Program in 2007-08 after receiving a Ph.D. in Political Science and International Studies from University of California, San Diego. He specializes in international political economy with a regional focus on East Asia and China. His current research interests include foreign direct investment, trade policy, legal system, income inequality in China and other developing countries. He has published articles in the Journal of Contemporary China and Public Opinion Quarterly. His recent book, Governance and Foreign Investment in China, India, and Taiwan: Credibility, Flexibility, and International Business, is published by Michigan University Press.  He also holds a B.A. in International Economics from Beijing Institute of International Relations.


Zheng, Yu. “Accountability and Inequality in Single-Party Regimes: A Comparative Analysis of Vietnam and China,” with Edmund Malesky and Regina Abrami. Comparative Politics, July 2011.

Zheng, Yu. “Credibility and Flexibility: Political Institutions, Governance, and Foreign Direct Investment,” International Interactions, September 2011 (Forthcoming)

Zheng, Yu. "The New Face of Chinese Industrial Policy: Making Sense of Anti-Dumping Cases in Petrochemical and Steel Industries,” with Regina Abrami. Journal of East Asian Studies, 2011. (Forthcoming).

Zheng, Yu. “Taiwan Public Opinion Trends, 1992-2008: Exploring Attitudes on Cross-Strait Issues,” with Richard Sobel and William-Arthur Haynes, Public Opinion Quarterly, 2010, 74(4): 782-813.

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