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Chen Yali (Lily)

  • 2016-2017 Fellow

Nate Adler

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Boliang Zhu

2011-2012 Fellow

Boliang Zhu is an assistant professor in the Department of Political Science and Asian Studies Program at the Pennsylvania State University. His research addresses the politics of globalization and economic development in developing countries. In particular, he works on three major topics: the political economy of FDI and MNCs, globalization and domestic governance, and public opinion on economic integration. While a Fellow, he worked on a book manuscript examining the skill composition of inward FDI in developing countries as well as papers on corruption and public opinion towards globalization. He holds double B.A. degrees in International Politics and Economics from Peking University, an M.A. degree in East Asian Studies from Yale University, and a Ph.D. degree in Political Science from Columbia University.



  • 2017. MNCs, Rents, and Corruption: Evidence from China, American Journal of Political Science 61 (1): 84–99.
  • 2016. Fortune or Evil? The Effect of Inward Foreign Direct Investment on Corruption, International Studies Quarterly 60 (4): 693–705 (with Pablo Pinto).
  • 2015. The Production of Electoral Intimidation: Economic and Political Incentives,  Comparative Politics 48 (1): 23–41 (with Isabela Mares).

Working Papers

  • Public Attitudes toward Migrant Workers in China (Under Review)
  • Attitudes toward Foreign Direct Investment: Evidence from China
  • “Yes-Man” Firms: How Government Campaigns Shape Firms’ Positions on Globalization in China (with Megumi Naoi & Weiyi Shi)
  • Brewing Violence: Foreign Investment and Civil Conflict (with Pablo Pinto)
  • Monopoly Rents and Foreign Direct Investment in Fixed Assets (with Joseph Wright)
  • Uncertainty, Corruption, and Foreign Investment: Evidence from a Firm Level Experiment
  • Political Regime, Policy Uncertainty, and Foreign Investment: Experimental Evidence from Chinese Firms (with Weiyi Shi)
  • The Face of Internet Recruitment: Evaluating Labor Markets of Online Crowdsourcing Platforms in China (with Xiaojun Li & Weiyi Shi)
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