PUCC Speaker - founder of the social justice and public health NGO Yirenping

Monday, Jan 9, 2017
by dsuchens

Join PUCC for a dinner discussion in Butler PDR at 6pm with Lu Jun, the founder of the social justice and public health NGO Yirenping. Lu Jun is one of China's most wanted social activists, and his NGO has been targeted and investigated by the Chinese government since 2014. Prior to that Yirenping successfully pushed for anti-discrimination legislation that allows Hepatitis B carriers in China equal access to employment and education, among other accomplishments.  



"Mr. Jun Lu is Co-founder and Board Member of Beijing Yirenping Center, an anti-discrimination non-profit organization in China. Since 2003, Mr. Lu has focused primarily on anti-discrimination law and other human rights law issues in the fields of public health, food and drug safety, disability and gender. Mr. Lu has organized legal aid fordozens of high-impact lawsuitsagainst many kinds of discrimination. Cases have included lawsuits alleging hiring/employment discrimination on the basis HIV/AIDS status, gender, physical appearance, genetic screening and hukou (city/town of household registration), as well as lawsuits against disability discrimination in public servant recruitment. Mr. Lu has assisted the National People’s Congress (NPC) deputies and Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) membersto draft proposals and suggestions about discrimination legislation. Mr. Lu was named “Top 10 People of the Year 2005” by Southern Weekend and was awarded the International Padre Pino Puglisi Award (for promotion of human dignity) in Italy in 2009."



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