PUCC Princeton Board of Directors Elections for 2017-2018

Thursday, Apr 27, 2017
by dsuchens

It brings me great excitement to announce that we are having elections for PUCC Director's Roles (2017-2018) scheduled for Monday, May 8th, at 8:00pm! I have attached a PDF document detailing how elections will work, how to run, and positions open for election. 


If you would like to run, please email me by Friday May 5th, 11:59pm with your name, year, the position you are running for, and an (optional) one-page statement detailing your plans/qualities that make you best for the position you are running for! Let me know if you have any questions. 

Directors Spring Elections
2017-2018 | P.U.C.C | Princeton University
a. Date and Time: Elections will occur on Monday, May 8th, 2017 at 8:00pm
b. Written statements: Candidates may submit a maximum one-page statement, at latest by three days before the election (Friday at 11:59pm) explaining 1) their plans for the organization 2) important components about their previous record. A compilation of candidate statements will be sent out to the PUCC listserv two days before the election.
c. Speeches:
▪ All candidates running will give a speech of 3 minutes maximum.
▪ Those supporting candidates can give speeches of support for a maximum of 30 seconds.
d. Drop-down running:
▪ Election Day, if a candidate is not elected to his or her desired position, he may choose to run for another position.
e. Voting: PUCC members must attend elections to vote
f. Absentee ballots: Members must email Eric at ehw2@princeton.edu, explaining reason for absence.
o President (2):
▪ Articulates mission, vision, and purpose of PUCC to directors, board, members and campus on a regular basis
▪ Delegates tasks to directors for PUCC programming throughout the year, including table talks, the spring conference, the career fair, and other PUCC events designed by the Executive Board
▪ Oversees whether various directors are meeting their responsibilities
▪ Calls and runs weekly meetings to check on project progress in fulfillment of organizational goals
▪ Holds the authority to create specific task-forces throughout the year
o Director of Operations:
▪ Directs table talks planning
▪ Directs speaker outreach/speaker delegation (letters, emails, excel sheets, etc.)
▪ Cooperates with Conference Director(s) to work out logistics, speaker selection, and other conference programming.
▪ Devises other creative educational programming events
o Director of Finance:
▪ Manages fundraising with Princeton University
▪ Manages fundraising with private companies
▪ Keeps record of club finances (e.g. excel sheets that document company expenses and funds)
▪ Manages reimbursements for conference and speaker programming events
o Director of Publicity:
▪ Directs PUCC publicity on FB and website
▪ Listservs for advertising PUCC events
▪ Coordinates with on-campus programs/co-sponsors to advertise PUCC events
▪ In charge of creating PUCC booth at the club fair
▪ In charge of PUCC photos
▪ Designs PUCC posters
o Director of Career Events and Alumni Relations:
▪ Coordinate with Career Services for HireTigers events and internships sessions
▪ In charge of corporate outreach for HireTigers events
▪ Coordinates independent PUCC internship sessions
▪ Works with Director of Finance to foster fundraising with alumni
▪ Finds job/internship opportunities and works with Director of Technology to publicize these opportunities
▪ Creates database of China-related alumni
▪ Manages fundraising with alumni (works with director of career events and alumni relations)
o Conference Director (2):
▪ Works with President(s) to create a timetable for conference planning, starting from the start of fall semester.
▪ In charge of implementing this timetable starting in pieces, starting from the start of fall semester, at each weekly meeting.
▪ Organize delegate outreach
▪ In charge of conference programming (e.g. devises creative events)
▪ In charge of conference logistics (e.g. hotel booking)
▪ Manage and run annual conference
o Social Chair:
▪ Coordinates intra-PUCC events to allow for members to meet with each other
▪ Events should be every 3-4 weeks
▪ Coordinates intra-PUCC games (e.g. assassins)
o Director of Campus and Global Outreach:
▪ In charge of contact with university students in China – (e.g. Peking, Tsinghua, Fudan, Renmin, Sun Yat-Sen, Zhejiang, etc.)
▪ In charge of contact with university students from other universities in the US, building upon relationships with students from previous conferences (e.g. Stanford, Harvard, Yale, etc.)
▪ Establishes and maintains partnerships with Princeton programs (e.g. by establishing a systematic way to ensure that PUCC members attend partner events)
▪ Builds and maintains partnerships with student groups at universities across China, building upon network of students from previous Global Governance Forum; does so through WeChat and other social media channels
▪ Princeton Center in Beijing
o Direct of Technology:
▪ Functions as the webmaster (updates the website weekly)
▪ Creates necessary Task-Force, sub-team Google groups
▪ Creates Google forms that PUCC might choose to use
▪ Creates channels of payments online for companies to sponsor
▪ Adds people to the PUCC listservs
▪ Organizes Google Drive
o Officers take on official positions immediately following the elections. Positions will last for a year.
IV. POSSIBLE TASK FORCES OPEN IN FALL 2017 (New task forces may be created on approval of the directors):
o Career Fair Task Force
o External Trips Task Force (DC in the winter, China in the spring)
o Summer Programs Task Force