With Mud-Slinging, Chest-Thumping, Media From India, China Mirror Border Impasse - Featuring Manjari Chatterjee Miller

Saturday, Jul 29, 2017
by dsuchens

Mirroring the political impasse are the rancorous media reports coming from both sides. Frequent instances of mud-slinging and chest-thumping in the respective media confirm that the media suffers from the post imperial ideology (PII) syndrome. Coining the phrase, Manjari Chatterjee Miller, assistant professor of international relations at Boston University, explains that PII stems from the traumatic memories of colonialism and has three main components: victimhood and hence, the desire for international sympathy and a sense of entitlement; territorial sovereignty and quest for restitution; and finally, maximisation of status.


India Bhutan China Disputed Land Area Map



Manjari Chatterjee Miller