CWP Alumni Fellow Manjari C. Miller receives tenure!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017
by dsuchens

In an official announcement by the Dean of the Frederick S. Pardee School of Global Studies at Boston University today, CWP Alumni Fellow Manjari C. Miller received tenure. Dean Adil Najam said, "Please join me in congratulating our colleague Manjari Miller for her very well-deserved promotion to Associate Professor with Tenure. We wish her a career full of accolades and a life of achievement and purpose.... and, of course, a long and distinguished career carrying the Pardee flag high and proud!" 

From all of us here at CWP we wish Dr. Miller all the best and every success!


Manjari Chatterjee Miller works on foreign policy and security issues in international relations with a focus on South and East Asia. She specializes in the foreign policy of rising powers India and China. Her book, Wronged by Empire: Post-Imperial Ideology and Foreign Policy in India and China, argues that the bitter history of colonialism affects the foreign policy behavior of India and China even today. She is interested in ideational influences on foreign policy and conceptions of state security. She is currently working on rising powers and the domestic ideational frameworks that explain their changing status.

Miller’s research has appeared in Foreign Affairs, the New York TimesAsian SecurityForeign Policy, the Indian Express and the Christian Science Monitor. Her work has been supported by grants from the East-West Center, the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs, the South Asia Initiative, the Fairbank Center, the Woodrow Wilson School and, the US Department of Education.

Manjari Chatterjee Miller’s website.

South Asia, East Asia, Foreign/Security Policies of India and China, Ideational Influences on International Relations




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