Chinese Lingerie Dealers in Egypt - 4:30pm, Sunday April 9 - Jones 202

Friday, Apr 7, 2017
by dsuchens

You're invited to a talk by Peter Hessler, author of River Town and Country Driving, McCarther genius grant winner and staff writer for the New Yorker, presented by GCC and the East Asian Program. He will be speaking about one of his recent articles on Chinese entrepreneurship in Egypt.

Chinese Lingerie Dealers in Egypt

When: 4:30pm, Sunday April 9

Where: Jones 202

Description: After eleven years of living and reporting from China, Peter Hessler moved to Cairo, to study Egyptian Arabic and to report on the Arab Spring.  After living in the country for two years, he was surprised to encounter Chinese merchants working in remote parts of Upper Egypt.  Along a 300-mile stretch of the Nile River, dozens of these merchants had found success with a niche product:  women’s nightgowns and lingerie.  For a year and a half, through close observation, Hessler investigated how this market had developed, and how the Chinese interacted with local Egyptian residents.  Viewing Egypt through the eyes of these Chinese merchants gave him a new perspective on how Chinese expats view their new homes, and it also shed new light on Egyptian social traditions and gender relations.

East Asian Studies Department EAS Princeton University Jones 202