The China Social Impact Project CSIP Opening at Princeton University

Thursday, Apr 27, 2017
by dsuchens

The China Social Impact Project (CSIP) is a new student organization that seeks to connect a group of Princeton students with top social entrepreneurs in China and empower them to strategically advise our partnering social enterprises. 

See the attached flyer to read about this exciting initiative and send an email to if you're interested! Applications will be sent out later this week.

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Princeton China Social Impact Project





Princeton’s China Social Impact Project (CSIP) is a student organization that aims to connect Princeton University students with social entrepreneurs in China and give them the tools and knowledge to provide compelling strategic advice to our partner social enterprises. Our partner enterprises are emerging companies and social organizations in China seeking to effect social/environmental change through the power of markets.



We are collaborating with our partner NGO in China, Philanthropy in Motion (PIM, to run our program.


Mid June to late August 2017:

During the summer, students in CSIP will enroll in PIM’s 10-week online course for free, through which they will learn the theory and practice of venture philanthropy and social entrepreneurship and how to conduct due diligence on organizations. Students will also (in teams of 3) pair with CSIP partner enterprises and conduct research, working with their founders to assess their financial and strategic needs.


Early September 2017:

In September, students will produce a comprehensive due diligence report on their enterprise and an Action Plan based on needs identified in the report. The Action Plan will present ideas for projects that students can complete over the next two months to help the enterprise accelerate their growth and impact (e.g. market analysis research, website design, etc.). At this time, we will send our partner enterprises an application to apply for our funding.


October-early December 2017:

Students will work on their Action Plan and complete consulting projects for partner enterprises. We will organize educational workshops (i.e. in marketing strategy, business development, design thinking) to help students produce valuable projects for their enterprises.


Mid-December 2017:

Students will present their projects to enterprises. Students will also deliberate and collectively decide on how to distribute a fund of around $5,000-7,000 USD (¥35,000-¥50,000) to the enterprises they deem are making the most impact. 


Q: What is CSIP looking for?

  • Passion for the intersection between business and social/environmental impact
  • Experience or interest in China
  • Desire to engage in social-impact work in the future  


Q: As a member of the CSIP 2017 cohort, what skills & experience will I gain?


  • Crowd-funding

At the start of the fall semester, each CSIP member will crowd-fund around $400, which we will pool to form a fund to donate to an enterprise at the end of the program cycle (December). Expect to gain solid crowd-funding/online fundraising skills.


  • Organization evaluation

You will learn how to evaluate a social organization (strategy, leadership, operations, impact) and identify its needs and opportunities for scaling/growth.


  • Social sector consulting

In partnership with professors on campus and the Keller Center, CSIP will organize workshops to help you develop skills in social impact-focused business development/marketing/design thinking etc., so that you can deliver value to the enterprises.  


  • U.S.-China engagement

All of the enterprises you work with will be able to communicate in English, but you will also be able to engage in Mandarin and learn first-hand about social entrepreneurship in China.



Q: What is the time commitment?

Over the summer, the course will take up a couple of hours a week for 10 weeks, and is all conducted online. Interviews with your company can also happen virtually (i.e. you can do this from anywhere!)


During the fall semester, you will participate in a few workshops (1-2 hours) and your main commitments will be producing the deliverables described on the previous page. I.e. no weekly commitment, but we will meet altogether several times during the semester.  



Q: How large is the first cohort?


CSIP is aiming to recruit around 18 Princeton students, and pair you in teams of 3 with a social enterprise.








Please reach out to any one of us at any time!


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