China’s “Militarisation” in the South China Sea: Three Target Audiences - CWP Alumni Kuik Cheng Chwee

Tuesday, Apr 25, 2017
by dsuchens

Abstract: If “militarisation” is defined as an act of deploying military assets to pursue wider strategic ends, then all players of the South China Sea disputes have engaged in some forms of militarisation. China’s militarisation reflect three layers of target audiences: the United States (the main target), regional countries (the secondary target) and its domestic audience. Beijing’s growing anxieties over US rebalancing and the arbitration ruling have paradoxically pushed it to accelerate its “militarisation” activities.

China’s “Militarisation” in the South China Sea: Three Target Audiences. Available from: [accessed Apr 25, 2017].

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DOI: 10.1142/S1793930516000167