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GREAT DECISIONS 2018 - Presentation by CWP Fellow Andrew Chubb.

Tue, Mar 13, 2018 (All day)

In a roundtable discussion format, this lecture focuses on China and America: the New Geopolitical Equation. An outside expert, Dr. Andrew Chubb, will set up the topic in-advance followed by robust discussion by the group, moderated by co-facilitators. Leaders: Karen Coates and David Redman will again be the co-facilitators. Karen is a retired chemical engineer, and David is a retired Princeton University administrator.

Speaker Bio:

Andrew Chubb researches the relationship between Chinese public opinion and PRC foreign policy, and its implications for international politics in East Asia. A graduate of the University of Western Australia, his doctoral dissertation examined the complex and evolving linkages between Chinese popular nationalism and government policy in the South China Sea. In 2012 he initiated a survey project to measure Mainland Chinese citizens' views of maritime disputes, and a blog providing translations and analysis of Chinese discourse on contentious foreign policy issues ( 

Beyond this core focus on maritime disputes and public opinion, Andrew's research interests include strategic communication, hybridity, and Chinese Communist Party history, with publications examining the 1978-1979 Democracy Wall movement, China's shanzhai culture, military propaganda in the internet era, and the role of foreigners on PRC television. His articles can be found in the Journal of Contemporary ChinaPacific AffairsInformation, Communication & SocietyForeign PolicyEast Asia Forum and elsewhere. 

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