Admiral Harry Harris - "Deterring Revisionist Powers”

  • Admiral in the United States Navy who currently serves as Commander, United States Pacific Command (CDRUSPACOM) He is the first Asian-American to achieve the rank of Admiral in the U.S. Navy, the highest ranking Japanese American, and the first officer from the U.S. Navy's P-3 Orion maritime patrol aviation community to achieve 4-star rank. He was Commander, U.S. Pacific Fleet in Hawaii from 2013–2015.

Bonnie Glaser & Matthew Funaiole - CSIS China Power Project - “Unpacking China’s Rise”

Description:  China’s transformation from a developing economy into an emerging global power has left an unmistakable mark on international politics. Although China is a hot topic for politicians and pundits from Washington to Beijing, the nature of Chinese power is often poorly understood. Misunderstandings of China’s capabilities drive some to exaggerate and others to understate various aspects of China’s national power.

Chen Yali - CWP Postdoctoral Fellow - 'The PLA in China: A Foreign and Security Policy-making'


The PLA in China: A Foreign and Security Policy-making. In my lecture, I will explain how the political
"trinity" - consisting of the Party, the PLA and the State - plays a role in China's foreign and security policy-making particularly during the period of 1978 and 2012.


Susan Thornton - National Defense University - Managing China’s Rise: Views from the Administration


This lecture will address current policy and the administration’s view of the challenges and opportunities created by China’s rise.



Susan Thornton assumed responsibility as Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary in February 2016, after serving for a year and a half as Deputy Assistant Secretary. A career-member of the United States Foreign Service, Ms. Thornton joined the State Department in 1991 and has spent the last twenty years working on U.S. policy in Eurasia, focused on the countries of the former Soviet Union and East Asia.

Annual CISS Conference, Security Challenges Facing the Next Administration.

Please join us this Friday, April 22 for our Annual CISS Conference, Security Challenges Facing the Next Administration.


Friday, April 22
All events Robertson Hall Bowl 016

8:45-9:00am Opening Remarks, Aaron Friedberg and John Ikenberry, Princeton University

9:00-10:30am Panel One: Grand Strategy: Challenges in Policy, Law and Politics

Moderator: John Ikenberry, Princeton University



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