Darren Lim from Australian National University - “A China Choice in South Asia? Sino-Indian Rivalry in Sri Lanka”

CISS Security Studies Colloquium presents:

Darren Lim

“A China Choice in South Asia? Sino-Indian Rivalry in Sri Lanka”
Tuesday, February 21, 12:15-1:20pm
Robertson Hall 011

 Lunch will be served. To sign up, please contact Cindy Ernst, cernst@princeton.edu.

Thomas Christensen on Panel for 6th Annual Conference - Escalating Risks: China's Economy, Society and Financial System

After decades of unprecedented growth, China is confronting growing social and economic challenges.  How can China deal with these challenges, particularly in its financial system and currency market?  What are the implications for global financial stability and growth?”

The conference will take place on the Princeton University campus, it is open to the public but registration is required. 

Oriana Mastro - Georgetown University - 'Talking to the Enemy: Explaining Diplomatic Strategy in Asian Wars, 1950-1979'

Description: Diplomacy plays a critical role in the management and resolution of armed conflict and crises in the international system. After a war breaks out, decision makers see the opening of talks as a constructive step in the conflict’s resolution - dialogue allows for deals to be brokered and the logistics of war termination to be coordinated among all the relevant parties. However, in contemporary limited wars, there is a near universal tendency for states to initially fight for a period of time without engaging in talks.

Jonathan Stromseth - Brookings - 'China’s Relations with Southeast Asia: Implication for U.S. Foreign Policy'

Description: The bulk of the lecture will focus on how Southeast Asia is responding to the rise of China, and the policy implications of these developments for U.S. Asia policy and U.S.-China relations.  It will review how countries are responding collectively, through the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), as well as individually as sovereign states.  Toward the end of the lecture, Dr.

Ryan Hass - US State Department - 'Lessons Learned from the Obama Administration in Managing U.S.-China Relations'

Description: The lecture will begin with a review of the guiding principles and key assumptions that the Obama administration used to inform its approach to the bilateral relationship between China and the USA. This review will be followed by a discussion about the key trends that emerged in the relationship.  Mr. Hass will share a few anecdotes from meetings with China's leadership to illustrate the broader themes of the talk.  

The 2016-17 Wendt Lecture: Arms Races, Comprehensive Security, And American Grand Strategy To East Asia

Is East Asia increasingly prosperous and stable? If so, why? There is little evidence that East Asian states are engaged in an arms race, and few states are sending costly signals about their resolve to suffer the costs of war. As East Asia has grown richer and more integrated over the past twenty-five years, and as China has grown richer and more integrated within East Asia itself, East Asian defense spending has steadily declined. Indeed, East Asian military expenditures are now similar to those in Latin America.

Isaac Kardon - CWP Postdoctoral Fellow - "Rising Power, Creeping Jurisdiction: China’s Law of the Sea"

Description: This study explores the relationship between the PRC and the international legal system, with a focus on China's maritime disputes and the law of the sea. The research centers on the PRC's participation in the creation and development of the exclusive economic zone (EEZ) regime, a case of Chinese influence on the function -- and dysfunction -- of international law in contemporary global politics.


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