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“A Regional Security Architecture Where Everyone Rises”

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Erickson, Andrew. 11/03/15 : Room for Debate: What Sort of Navy America Needs

Erickson, Andrew. 10/03/15 : Touchdown! Scores are in for Debate on What Sort of Navy America Needs—McGrath: 7, Easterbrook: 0

Erickson, Andrew. 07/03/15 : Must-Watch “Silent Spring” Chinese Air Pollution Documentary “Under the Dome” Sadly Silenced

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Erickson, Andrew. 09/02/15 : Chinese Communist Party Vows to Fulfill Dreams of 1.3 Billion in Promotional Video

Erickson, Andrew. 09/02/15 : Major China UAV Development & Export Survey by Shephard Media Asia-Pacific Editor Gordon Arthur in Unmanned Vehicles

Erickson, Andrew. 07/02/15 : CMSI Director Peter Dutton’s Pioneering Testimony on China’s Maritime Sovereignty Claims, Development, and Regional/Global Efforts

Erickson, Andrew. 07/02/15 : China’s Diplomatic School Ranks “Top 20” American China Experts Using Complex Quantitative Metrics

Erickson, Andrew. 03/02/15 : MOUs: The Secret Sauce to Avoiding a U.S.-China Disaster?

Erickson, Andrew. 28/01/15 : The Challenge of Maintaining American Security Ties in Post-Authoritarian East Asia

Erickson, Andrew. 28/01/15 : Under Secretary of Defense Frank Kendall, Senior Pentagon Weapons Developer, Describes Rapid Chinese Ballistic & Cruise Missile Advances--Even “Going Beyond What [the U.S. Has] Done”

Erickson, Andrew. 27/01/15 : “Rebalancing U.S. Forces” Rated “Very Good Book, Yet a Very Easy Read” on

Erickson, Andrew. 27/01/15 : NDU Publishes China Strategic Perspectives Monograph by Jonathan Ray: “Red China’s ‘Capitalist Bomb’: Inside the Chinese Neutron Bomb Program”

Erickson, Andrew. 27/01/15 : Fmr. Japanese Ambassador to the U.S. Ichiro Fujisaki Responds to Claims Concerning “the Abe Government’s Expansionist View” and “Territorial Revisionism” by Prof. Alexis Dudden

Erickson, Andrew. 26/01/15 : China’s New “Bling Dynasty” Portrayed in 1 Article & 2 Videos (Warning: Major Conspicuous Consumption)

Erickson, Andrew. 26/01/15 : Jinglue Haiyang: The Naval Implications of Xi Jinping’s New Strategic Concept

Erickson, Andrew. 26/01/15 : China SignPost™ (洞察中国) #88: “China’s Public Hospital Governance Reforms are Setting the Stage for Corporatization”

Erickson, Andrew. 17/01/15 : New Edition of Ron O’Rourke’s Congressional Research Service Report China Naval Modernization: Implications for U.S. Navy Capabilities—Background and Issues for Congress

Erickson, Andrew. 11/01/15 : Directory of Foreign Aviation Companies in China: Commercial and Defense

Erickson, Andrew. 10/01/15 : “Rebalancing U.S. Forces: Basing and Forward Presence in the Asia-Pacific” Assessed in Warships: International Fleet Review

Erickson, Andrew. 09/01/15 : Work Boat World Reviews “Rebalancing U.S. Forces”

Erickson, Andrew. 18/12/14 : Beijing Projects Power through Cooperation, Intimidation

Erickson, Andrew. 18/12/14 : China SignPost™ (洞察中国) #87: “Volkswagen’s China Dealership Expansions Suggest Substantial Upside for Continued Growth in Car Sales—and Gasoline Consumption”

Erickson, Andrew. 18/12/14 : CMSI’s Ryan Martinson & Lowy Institute’s Linda Jakobson Debate the Agency of China’s Civil Maritime (Coast Guard) Agencies

Erickson, Andrew. 17/12/14 : The World Hot Spots You’ve Never Heard of That Could Ruin 2015

Erickson, Andrew. 13/12/14 : China SignPost™ (洞察中国) #86: “Gasoline, Natural Gas, and Aluminum are Bright Spots for China Commodity Demand in 2014 as Steel and Coal Weaken”

Erickson, Andrew. 06/12/14 : Have We Just Glimpsed China’s Vision of Future Aircraft Carrier Designs?

Erickson, Andrew. 05/12/14 : The Militarization of China’s Coast Guard

Erickson, Andrew. 04/12/14 : CNAS Releases Amy Chang’s Report on China’s Cyber Strategy

Erickson, Andrew. 01/12/14 : China’s New CX-1 Supersonic Anti-Ship Cruise Missile—Wendell Minnick’s After-Action Report from Zhuhai Airshow

Erickson, Andrew. 27/11/14 : China SignPost™ (洞察中国) #85: “Mapping China’s Gas Pipeline Buildout: Follow Lights and Railroads”

Erickson, Andrew. 24/11/14 : China SignPost™ (洞察中国) #84: “Tank Watch: What Do China’s November 2014 SPR Data Tell Us?”

Erickson, Andrew. 24/11/14 : Racing toward Tragedy?: China's Rise, Military Competition in the Asia Pacific, and the Security Dilemma

Erickson, Andrew. 21/11/14 : UPENN China Scholars Jacques deLisle & Avery Goldstein Publish Interdisciplinary Edited Volume on “China’s Challenges”

Erickson, Andrew. 21/11/14 : China’s Growing Naval Capability: A View from the United States

Erickson, Andrew. 21/11/14 : 2014 Annual Report to Congress Released by U.S.-China Economic & Security Review Commission

Erickson, Andrew. 17/11/14 : China’s Blue Soft Power: Antipiracy, Engagement, and Image Enhancement

Erickson, Andrew. 17/11/14 : Writing to Think: The Intellectual Journey of a Naval Career

Erickson, Andrew. 17/11/14 : Dennis Gormley: What 10th Zhuhai Airshow Reveals About China’s Military Capabilities

Erickson, Andrew. 17/11/14 : China Shows Off New Stealth Fighter

Erickson, Andrew. 09/11/14 : China SignPost™ (洞察中国) #83: “China’s First Cold Snap Will Once Again Expose Serious Natural Gas Shortages and Drive Historically High LNG Import Demand”

Erickson, Andrew. 09/11/14 : Obama, Xi to Meet in Beijing Amid Political and Economic Strains

Erickson, Andrew. 05/11/14 : Col. Steve Hagel, USAF (Ret.), Air Force Research Institute, Reviews “Rebalancing U.S. Forces” in Strategic Studies Quarterly

Erickson, Andrew. 05/11/14 : Time to Make Lemonade: Dan Twining Explains How President Obama Can Work With Congress to Secure Asia-Pacific Rebalance Legacy

Erickson, Andrew. 05/11/14 : Lead-Up to Beijing APEC Summit: The National Interest Hosts Great Debate on U.S.-China Strategic Relations

Erickson, Andrew. 05/11/14 : China’s Recent Submarine Development & Deployment: Two Great Articles

Erickson, Andrew. 05/11/14 : “China Naval Modernization: Implications for U.S. Navy Capabilities—Background and Issues for Congress”: Latest Version of Ronald O’Rourke’s Congressional Research Service (CRS) Report

Erickson, Andrew. 03/11/14 : China SignPost™ (洞察中国) #82: “Gasoline Alley: How Much Gasoline Demand Are Each Million Cars Sold in China Worth?”

Erickson, Andrew. 23/10/14 : China SignPost™ (洞察中国) # 81: “Physician, Heal Thyself: Modest Expectations in Order for China’s Reforms as Third Plenum Anniversary Approaches”

Erickson, Andrew. 18/10/14 : “Not an Idea We Have to Shun”: Chinese Overseas Basing Requirements in the 21st Century

Erickson, Andrew. 18/10/14 : Here Comes China’s Great White Fleet

Erickson, Andrew. 17/10/14 : Naval War College Seeking Sharp Analyst for Highly-Desirable Position in Newport

Erickson, Andrew. 16/10/14 : “Energy Nationalism Goes to Sea in Asia,” in NBR’s Energy Security and the Asia-Pacific: Course Reader

Erickson, Andrew. 10/10/14 : Not-So-Empty Talk: The Danger of China’s “New Type of Great-Power Relations” Slogan

Erickson, Andrew. 06/10/14 : Highlights of Dr. Jonathan Pollack’s China/Asia-Watching Career

Erickson, Andrew. 06/10/14 : James Bosbotinis Evaluates “Rebalancing U.S. Forces” in The Naval Review

Erickson, Andrew. 01/10/14 : A Potent Vector: Assessing Chinese Cruise Missile Developments

Erickson, Andrew. 30/09/14 : Hong Kong Protests: Live Blogging & Latest Reports via Wall Street Journal’s China Real Time Report (中国实时报)

Erickson, Andrew. 30/09/14 : Hong Kong Protests: Who’s Who

Erickson, Andrew. 30/09/14 : A Drone’s-Eye View of Teeming Hong Kong Protests

Erickson, Andrew. 29/09/14 : Hong Kong Protests: Latest News, Images & Maps

Erickson, Andrew. 29/09/14 : Asahi Shimbun Profiles CMSI and its Four Core Scholars

Erickson, Andrew. 28/09/14 : Hong Kong—Now What?

Erickson, Andrew. 28/09/14 : Does Global Times/环球时报 Provide Reliable Coverage of Hong Kong Protest Issues?

Erickson, Andrew. 28/09/14 : Hong Kong’s Unprecedented Protests and Police Crackdown, Explained

Erickson, Andrew. 23/09/14 : China’s Naval Modernization: The Implications of Seapower

Erickson, Andrew. 23/09/14 : Now Published in Chinese by China’s Top Maritime Press: “China, the United States, and 21st Century Sea Power” (CMSI Vol. 4) 中国, 美国与21世纪海权

Erickson, Andrew. 22/09/14 : Admiral Harry B. Harris, Jr. to become Commander, U.S. Pacific Command

Erickson, Andrew. 22/09/14 : Military Basing Scholar Dr. Robert Harkavy Reviews “Rebalancing U.S. Forces: Basing and Forward Presence in the Asia-Pacific”

Erickson, Andrew. 22/09/14 : Should America Fear China’s “Carrier-Killer” Missile?

Erickson, Andrew. 22/09/14 : Naval War College Museum Book Lecture: “Rebalancing U.S. Forces: Basing and Forward Presence in the Asia-Pacific”

Erickson, Andrew. 17/09/14 : Making History in Newport: Head of China’s Navy Admiral Wu Shengli Leads First-Ever Delegation to Naval War College’s International Seapower Symposium

Erickson, Andrew. 11/09/14 : Summary Report from Latest Carlisle PLA Conference: The Chinese People’s Liberation Army in 2025

Erickson, Andrew. 11/09/14 : Power to the Provinces: The Devolution of China’s Maritime Rights Protection

Erickson, Andrew. 11/09/14 : The Challenge of Responding to Maritime Coercion

Erickson, Andrew. 09/09/14 : Fascinating Photos & Videos of Chinese Island Building in South China Sea from BBC

Erickson, Andrew. 05/09/14 : “Rebalancing U.S. Forces” Reviewed by Nathan Albright, Naval Historical Foundation

Erickson, Andrew. 04/09/14 : Review of “Rebalancing U.S. Forces” in Proceedings by Dr. Patrick Cullen, Norwegian Institute of International Affairs

Erickson, Andrew. 01/09/14 : China’s Space Development History: A Comparison of the Rocket and Satellite Sectors

Erickson, Andrew. 01/09/14 : Harry Kazianis Reviews “Fire on the Water: China, America and the Future of the Pacific”

Erickson, Andrew. 25/08/14 : Going Maverick: Lessons from China’s Buzzing of a U.S. Navy Aircraft

Erickson, Andrew. 22/08/14 : Pentagon Says Chinese Air Force J-11B Fighter Jet Confronted American Navy Plane in Dangerously Close Proximity

Erickson, Andrew. 18/08/14 : Can America “Just Say No” to China?

Erickson, Andrew. 07/08/14 : The Recruitment, Education, and Training of PLA Navy Personnel

Erickson, Andrew. 01/08/14 : PRC National Defense Ministry Spokesman Sr. Col. Geng Yansheng Offers China’s Most-Detailed Position to Date on Dongdiao-class Ship’s Intelligence Collection in U.S. EEZ during RIMPAC Exercise

Erickson, Andrew. 01/08/14 : A “New Situation”: China’s Evolving Assessment of its Security Environment

Erickson, Andrew. 01/08/14 : China’s RIMPAC Spying: Having Your Cake and Eating It Too

Erickson, Andrew. 28/07/14 : China’s RIMPAC Maritime-Surveillance Gambit

Erickson, Andrew. 23/07/14 : China’s Space Development History: A Comparison of the Rocket and Satellite Sectors

Erickson, Andrew. 19/07/14 : Crashing Its Own Party: China’s Unusual Decision to Spy on Joint Naval Exercises

Erickson, Andrew. 18/07/14 : China Sends Uninvited Spy Ship to RIMPAC

Erickson, Andrew. 17/07/14 : In China’s Sights: A New Missile Threatens the U.S. Navy’s Biggest Warships—And Stability in the Pacific

Erickson, Andrew. 17/07/14 : China’s Strategic Rocket Force: Upgrading Hardware and Software (Part 2 of 2)

Erickson, Andrew. 16/07/14 : Outcomes of Strategic Track of 6th Round of U.S.-China Strategic & Economic Dialogue

Erickson, Andrew. 14/07/14 : Pandora’s Sandbox: China’s Island-Building Strategy in the South China Sea

Erickson, Andrew. 13/07/14 : Chinese Fleet Participating in RIMPAC Drill Leaves for Exercise Area

Erickson, Andrew. 13/07/14 : China Issues 2nd Foreign Aid White Paper

Erickson, Andrew. 08/07/14 : China Thinks It Can Defeat America in Battle, But It Overlooks One Decisive Factor

Erickson, Andrew. 05/07/14 : Chinese Engagement in Africa: Drivers, Reactions, and Implications for U.S. Policy

Erickson, Andrew. 04/07/14 : Chinese Military Modernization and Force Development: Chinese and Outside Perspectives

Erickson, Andrew. 04/07/14 : Dr. Shi Yinhong: Territorial Dispute-Related “Tension Between China and the US and U.S. Allies Will Deteriorate Rather Than Improve”

Erickson, Andrew. 03/07/14 : China’s Strategic Rocket Force: Sharpening the Sword (Part 1 of 2)

Erickson, Andrew. 02/07/14 : China’s RIMPAC Debut: What’s in It for America?

Erickson, Andrew. 02/07/14 : After China: The Proliferation of Cruise Missiles

Erickson, Andrew. 02/07/14 : China’s Space Development History: A Comparison of the Rocket and Satellite Sectors

Erickson, Andrew. 02/07/14 : What Explains China’s Comprehensive but Uneven Aerospace Development?

Erickson, Andrew. 01/07/14 : Beyond RIMPAC: 3 Ways to Engage China on Security

Erickson, Andrew. 01/07/14 : Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel Welcomes Japan’s New Collective Self-defense Policy

Erickson, Andrew. 01/07/14 : Japan’s Article 9 Challenge

Erickson, Andrew. 27/06/14 : National Committee on U.S.-China Relations Public Intellectuals Program Now Accepting 4th Round Applications

Erickson, Andrew. 26/06/14 : Congressman J. Randy Forbes Praises CMSI’s Open Source Research & Publication

Erickson, Andrew. 24/06/14 : Could Iraq Be Another Libya for China?

Erickson, Andrew. 23/06/14 : Latest Version of Ronald O’Rourke’s Congressional Research Service (CRS) Report: “China Naval Modernization: Implications for U.S. Navy Capabilities—Background and Issues for Congress”

Erickson, Andrew. 23/06/14 : Bradley Perrett Reviews “A Low-Visibility Force Multiplier” in Aviation Week

Erickson, Andrew. 23/06/14 : NYT Editorial Board Expresses Concern, Describes China as “The Lion Now Roaring over the Waters of the South China Sea”

Erickson, Andrew. 23/06/14 : Is This a Model of China’s Next [3rd Total, 2nd Domestically-Constructed] Aircraft Carrier?

Erickson, Andrew. 20/06/14 : Chinese Navy’s First Participation in RIMPAC Exercise Draws International Attention

Erickson, Andrew. 20/06/14 : China Must See Past Its Own Hype of An America in Decline

Erickson, Andrew. 19/06/14 : A Work in Progress: China’s Development of Carrier Strike

Erickson, Andrew. 15/06/14 : 5-Star Rating for “Rebalancing U.S. Forces” on

Erickson, Andrew. 15/06/14 : Worth Revisiting on Eve of RIMPAC 2014: General Karl Eikenberry on “The Possibilities and Limits of Sino-American Military Relations”

Erickson, Andrew. 15/06/14 : Latest Congressional Research Service Report on “U.S.-China Military Contacts: Issues for Congress”

Erickson, Andrew. 14/06/14 : Chinese Fleet Joins Others for RIMPAC Exercise

Erickson, Andrew. 14/06/14 : Beijing Continues S. China Sea Expansion

Erickson, Andrew. 05/06/14 : J. Scott Shipman Evaluates NDU China Cruise Missile Study

Erickson, Andrew. 05/06/14 : Authors Say U.S. Military Not Giving Enough Attention to China’s A2AD Capabilities

Erickson, Andrew. 05/06/14 : Pentagon Releases "Military and Security Developments Involving the People’s Republic of China 2014"

Erickson, Andrew. 02/06/14 : Report: Chinese Cruise Missiles Could Pose Biggest Threat to U.S. Carriers

Erickson, Andrew. 01/06/14 : PLA LtGen Wang Guanzhong’s Remarks—Scripted & “Unscripted”—at Shangri-La Dialogue

Erickson, Andrew. 31/05/14 : Shangri-La Dialogue 2014: Links, Full Text of Speeches, and Q&A

Erickson, Andrew. 30/05/14 : Rising Tide, Dispersing Waves: Opportunities and Challenges for Chinese Seapower Development

Erickson, Andrew. 30/05/14 : On-Record Book Launch—“China’s Cruise Missile Ambitions”—Center for a New American Security (CNAS), Washington, DC, Thurs. 5 June 12:00-1:30

Erickson, Andrew. 29/05/14 : China Strongly Pushing Cruise Missile Capability

Erickson, Andrew. 29/05/14 : Contested Primacy in the Western Pacific: China’s Rise and the Future of U.S. Power Projection

Erickson, Andrew. 28/05/14 : The Hindu Surveys “The Fearful Asymmetries of Modi’s World”

Erickson, Andrew. 27/05/14 : Tea Leaf Nation & Foreign Policy Examine China’s Military Enthusiast Websites

Erickson, Andrew. 23/05/14 : IHS Jane’s Highlights CMSI “Chinese Mine Warfare” Study

Erickson, Andrew. 19/05/14 : Dr. Carl Rehberg, Headquarters, US Air Force, reviews “A Low-Visibility Force Multiplier: Assessing China’s Cruise Missile Ambitions” for Air Force Research Institute

Erickson, Andrew. 19/05/14 : Bases, Places and Boots on the Ground: A Review of “Rebalancing US Forces”

Erickson, Andrew. 19/05/14 : U.S. Charges Five Chinese Military Hackers for Cyber Espionage against U.S. Corporations and a Labor Organization for Commercial Advantage

Erickson, Andrew. 18/05/14 : America’s Military Bases in the Asia-Pacific: Strategic Asset or Vulnerability?

Erickson, Andrew. 16/05/14 : Vietnam’s Largest Newspaper Offers Details & Photos: “China Uses Vessels, Fighter Jet to Bully Vietnam in Oil Rig Tension”

Erickson, Andrew. 15/05/14 : FMPRC Spokesperson: the Paracel/Xisha and Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands claims issues “are so different that nothing can link these two together. That no dispute exists over the Xisha islands is a fact.”

Erickson, Andrew. 15/05/14 : Philippines Says Photos Show China Airstrip Work--Major Chinese Reclamation of Disputed Johnson South Reef Creates Not Just Facts on the Ground, But Facts of Ground

Erickson, Andrew. 14/05/14 : Rebalancing U.S. Forces: Basing and Forward Presence in the Asia-Pacific

Erickson, Andrew. 14/05/14 : PLA’s ‘Long Sword’ Missiles Deadly to US, Japan, Taiwan: Report

Erickson, Andrew. 13/05/14 : China’s Anti-Piracy Mission in the Gulf of Aden: Implications for Anti-Piracy in the South China Sea

Erickson, Andrew. 12/05/14 : A Low-Visibility Force Multiplier: Assessing China’s Cruise Missile Ambitions

Erickson, Andrew. 11/05/14 : China’s Cruise Missiles: Flying Fast Under the Public’s Radar

Erickson, Andrew. 10/05/14 : The Budget This Time: Taking the Measure of China’s Defense Spending

Erickson, Andrew. 06/05/14 : Bases for America’s Asia-Pacific Rebalance (Part 2 of 2)

Erickson, Andrew. 06/05/14 : China’s Maritime Disputes in the East and South China Seas

Erickson, Andrew. 02/05/14 : Bases for America’s Asia-Pacific Rebalance (Part 1 of 2)

Erickson, Andrew. 29/04/14 : Assessing the People’s Liberation Army in the Hu Jintao Era

Erickson, Andrew. 25/04/14 : Statement of Admiral Samuel J. Locklear, U.S. Navy Commander, U.S. Pacific Command before the Senate Committee on Armed Services on U.S. Pacific Command Posture

Erickson, Andrew. 24/04/14 : China Army Targets Students for Officers to Match Weapons

Erickson, Andrew. 23/04/14 : New Edition of Ronald O’Rourke’s Congressional Research Service (CRS) Report: “China Naval Modernization: Implications for U.S. Navy Capabilities—Background and Issues for Congress”

Erickson, Andrew. 22/04/14 : Watching China’s Carrier Dream Materialize--Via Music Video!

Erickson, Andrew. 22/04/14 : Parallel Progress, Positive Potential: Sino-American Cooperation to Further Sea Lane Security in the Gulf of Aden

Erickson, Andrew. 21/04/14 : China Goes Ballistic

Erickson, Andrew. 20/04/14 : Far Eastern Promises: Why Washington Should Focus on Asia

Erickson, Andrew. 17/04/14 : Mearsheimer’s Big Question: Can China Rise Peacefully?

Erickson, Andrew. 12/04/14 : Bryan McGrath Highlights Must-Read Goldstein-Knight Proceedings Article on Chinese ASW Development

Erickson, Andrew. 12/04/14 : Session Videos Now Available: Asan China Conference 2014, “Assessing China’s Power”

Erickson, Andrew. 10/04/14 : The US Navy and the Pivot: Less Means Less

Erickson, Andrew. 29/03/14 : Keeping the Near Seas Peaceful: American and Allied Mission, Asia-Pacific Interest

Erickson, Andrew. 18/03/14 : Eight Bells Book Lecture on Chinese Antipiracy Operations Reviewed by John Kennedy in Newport Navalog

Erickson, Andrew. 14/03/14 : China Insights from DIA Director LtGen Flynn’s SASC Testimony

Erickson, Andrew. 13/03/14 : China’s Military Spending: At the Double

Erickson, Andrew. 13/03/14 : Washington Post Editorial: “Beijing’s Breakneck Defense Spending Poses a Challenge to the U.S.”

Erickson, Andrew. 12/03/14 : Eight Bells Book Lecture: “No Substitute for Experience: Chinese Anti-Piracy Operations in the Gulf of Aden”

Erickson, Andrew. 12/03/14 : Latest Edition of “China Naval Modernization: Implications for U.S. Navy Capabilities—Background and Issues for Congress” by Ronald O’Rourke, Congressional Research Service (CRS)

Erickson, Andrew. 08/03/14 : China’s Defense Budget: A Mixed Bag

Erickson, Andrew. 05/03/14 : China Announces 12.2% Increase in Military Budget

Erickson, Andrew. 05/03/14 : Full Steam Ahead: China’s Ever-Increasing Military Budget

Erickson, Andrew. 04/03/14 : It’s Official: China’s Official Defense Budget to Increase 12.2% in 2014 to ~$132 Billion (808.2 Billion Yuan)

Erickson, Andrew. 04/03/14 : Chinese Air- and Space-Based ISR: Integrating Aerospace Combat Capabilities over the Near Seas

Erickson, Andrew. 04/03/14 : China’s Near Seas Combat Capabilities (CMSI China Maritime Study #11)

Erickson, Andrew. 25/02/14 : Forthcoming Naval Institute Press Volume “Rebalancing U.S. Forces: Basing and Forward Presence in the Asia-Pacific” Reviewed in Defense & Foreign Affairs

Erickson, Andrew. 20/02/14 : China SignPost™ (洞察中国) #80—“King Coal Reigns: North America’s Shale Gas Boom Will Force China to Continue Relying on Coal”

Erickson, Andrew. 17/02/14 : China SignPost™ (洞察中国) #79—“ China Car Sales: New Pockets of Opportunity”

Erickson, Andrew. 13/02/14 : Scholars Highlight Sino-Japanese Security Dynamics, Defense Infrastructure in Stanford China Program

Erickson, Andrew. 10/02/14 : It Changed My (Professional) Life: The National Committee on U.S.-China Relations’ Public Intellectuals Program

Erickson, Andrew. 10/02/14 : Registration Open for Summer Training Workshop on the Relationship Between National Security and Technology in China, 4-10 August 2014

Erickson, Andrew. 10/02/14 : NSC Senior Director for Asian Affairs Evan Medeiros Quoted Extensively on East China Sea ADIZ & Related Issues

Erickson, Andrew. 10/02/14 : Full Text of Assistant Secretary Daniel Russel’s Testimony on “Maritime Disputes in East Asia”

Erickson, Andrew. 10/02/14 : Jeffrey Bader: “The U.S. and China’s Nine-Dash Line: Ending the Ambiguity”

Erickson, Andrew. 06/02/14 : Research, Development, and Acquisition in China’s Aviation Industry: J-10 and Pterodactyl UAV

Erickson, Andrew. 06/02/14 : China’s Nuclear Weapons Program and the Chinese Research, Development, and Acquisition System

Erickson, Andrew. 04/02/14 : Chinese Views and Commentary on the East China Sea Air Defense Identification Zone (ECS ADIZ)

Erickson, Andrew. 01/02/14 : The Chinese Military’s Toughest Opponent: Corruption

Erickson, Andrew. 31/01/14 : Take Heed of China’s Security Commission

Erickson, Andrew. 29/01/14 : Remarks as Delivered by Director of National Intelligence James R. Clapper on the 2014 Worldwide Threat Assessment & Full Text of Report

Erickson, Andrew. 29/01/14 : USCC Hearing: “China’s Military Modernization and its Implications for the United States”—Thurs. 30 January 2014, 9 AM-3 PM, Rayburn House Office Building, Room 2118 (updated location & agenda)

Erickson, Andrew. 27/01/14 : U.S. Navy Sees Chinese HGV as Part of Wider Threat

Erickson, Andrew. 25/01/14 : USCC Hearing: “China’s Military Modernization and its Implications for the United States”—Thurs. 30 January 2014, 9 AM-3 PM, Dirksen Senate Office Building, Room 608

Erickson, Andrew. 24/01/14 : It’s Official: Xi Jinping to Lead National Security Commission

Erickson, Andrew. 21/01/14 : Ripples of Change in Chinese Foreign Policy? Evidence from Recent Approaches to Nontraditional Waterborne Security

Erickson, Andrew. 19/01/14 : Transcript of Admiral Locklear’s Speech at the Surface Navy Association Conference

Erickson, Andrew. 18/01/14 : Wishlist for a New Naval Cooperative Strategy

Erickson, Andrew. 16/01/14 : PACOM Chief: Uncontested U.S. Control of Pacific is Ending

Erickson, Andrew. 16/01/14 : China Daily: “China Seeks to Calm US fears over Missile”

Erickson, Andrew. 14/01/14 : (Re)Defining the “New Type of Major Country Relationship” between the United States and China

Erickson, Andrew. 10/01/14 : China and the Far Seas: China’s Far Seas Presence Enables it to Escort Syria’s Chemical Weapons Marked for Destruction

Erickson, Andrew. 08/01/14 : U.S. State Department Asia-Pacific Rebalance Fact Sheet

Erickson, Andrew. 07/01/14 : Why China’s Gulf Piracy Fight Matters

Erickson, Andrew. 05/01/14 : Xinhua: PLA to Establish Joint Operational Command System; Experts Expect Naval Prioritization

Erickson, Andrew. 04/01/14 : Capability Surprise for U.S. Naval Forces: Initial Observations and Insights: Interim Report

Erickson, Andrew. 02/01/14 : No Substitute for Experience

Erickson, Andrew. 01/01/14 : China’s Near-Seas Challenges

Erickson, Andrew. 23/12/13 : China SignPost™ “Greatest Hits” #6: Mining & Minerals

Erickson, Andrew. 23/12/13 : China SignPost™ “Greatest Hits” #5: Industrial & Technical Development

Erickson, Andrew. 23/12/13 : China SignPost™ “Greatest Hits” #4: Macro and Strategic Assessments

Erickson, Andrew. 23/12/13 : China SignPost™ “Greatest Hits” #3: Agricultural & Consumer Markets

Erickson, Andrew. 23/12/13 : China SignPost™ “Greatest Hits” #2: Military and Security Developments

Erickson, Andrew. 23/12/13 : China SignPost™ “Greatest Hits” #1: Energy & Transportation

Erickson, Andrew. 21/12/13 : Towards the Same End, With Considerable Potential: Considering Future Sino-American Cooperation Regarding Sea Lane Security in the Gulf of Aden

Erickson, Andrew. 19/12/13 : “China’s Naval Modernization: Implications and Recommendations”--Full HASC Oral & Written Testimony

Erickson, Andrew. 17/12/13 : 97th Iteration of CRS Report by Ronald O’Rourke, “China Naval Modernization: Implications for U.S. Navy Capabilities—Background and Issues for Congress”

Erickson, Andrew. 16/12/13 : Deterrence by Denial: How to Prevent China From Using Force

Erickson, Andrew. 15/12/13 : Just Out in December 2013 China Quarterly: “Demystifying China’s Defence Spending: Less Mysterious in the Aggregate”

Erickson, Andrew. 15/12/13 : Chinese President, Premier Arrive in Aerospace Control Center

Erickson, Andrew. 15/12/13 : Contradictions in China’s Foreign Policy

Erickson, Andrew. 15/12/13 : Chinese Warship Nearly Collided With USS Cowpens

Erickson, Andrew. 14/12/13 : U.S.-China Security Perceptions Survey: Findings and Implications

Erickson, Andrew. 14/12/13 : Chang’e-3 (姮娥) Lander and Yutu “Jade Rabbit” (玉兔) Moon Rover Reach Lunar Surface—China’s 1st Soft-Landing on Extraterrestrial Body

Erickson, Andrew. 12/12/13 : China’s Naval Modernization: Implications and Recommendations

Erickson, Andrew. 12/12/13 : Rep. Forbes: Make China Bleed $$$; Budget Deal Stops “Hemorrhaging”

Erickson, Andrew. 12/12/13 : 2013 Annual Report to Congress Released by U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission

Erickson, Andrew. 12/12/13 : No Clear Strategy on China, Experts Say

Erickson, Andrew. 11/12/13 : Witness Statements, Bios & Archived Webcast Now Available—HASC Subcommittee on Seapower & Projection Forces Hearing: “U.S. Asia-Pacific Strategic Considerations Related to PLA Naval Forces Modernization”

Erickson, Andrew. 11/12/13 : Today from 3:30-5:30 PM in 2118 RHOB & Webcast Live—House Armed Services Committee Hearing: “U.S. Asia-Pacific Strategic Considerations Related to P.L.A. Naval Forces Modernization”

Erickson, Andrew. 09/12/13 : Piracy’s Next Frontier: A Role for China in Gulf of Guinea Security?

Erickson, Andrew. 09/12/13 : House Armed Services Committee Hearing Wed. 11 December 3:30-5:30 PM, 2118 RHOB: “U.S. Asia-Pacific Strategic Considerations Related to P.L.A. Naval Forces Modernization”

Erickson, Andrew. 08/12/13 : China SignPost™ (洞察中国) #72—“China Natural Gas Shortage Poised to Drive Record LNG Imports”

Erickson, Andrew. 30/11/13 : China Bolstering Civil, Defense Space Spending

Erickson, Andrew. 29/11/13 : China’s Space Program Is Taking Off

Erickson, Andrew. 29/11/13 : China Sends Warplanes to New Air Defense Zone After U.S., Japan, S. Korea Incursions

Erickson, Andrew. 28/11/13 : Decoding China’s New “National Security Commission”

Erickson, Andrew. 27/11/13 : What’s Wrong With China’s Air Defence Identification Zone (And What’s Not)

Erickson, Andrew. 27/11/13 : How to Think About the Chinese Air-Defense News

Erickson, Andrew. 25/11/13 : Watch This Space: China’s New Air Defense Zone

Erickson, Andrew. 24/11/13 : PLA Air Force Conducts 1st Patrol in ECS ADIZ, Chinese Experts Discuss Zone’s Significance

Erickson, Andrew. 23/11/13 : Extensive Chinese-Language Articles & Graphics Regarding Beijing-Designated East China Sea ADIZ

Erickson, Andrew. 23/11/13 : Statements by Secretary of State John Kerry and Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel on the East China Sea Air Defense Identification Zone

Erickson, Andrew. 23/11/13 : Defense Spokesman Yang Yujun’s Response to Questions on the Establishment of The East China Sea Air Defense Identification Zone

Erickson, Andrew. 23/11/13 : China’s Government Announces Aircraft Identification Rules for PRC East China Sea Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ)

Erickson, Andrew. 22/11/13 : Chinese UCAV Takes Maiden Flight

Erickson, Andrew. 15/11/13 : Taipei Conference Examines Evolving Chinese Strategic Doctrine

Erickson, Andrew. 15/11/13 : China’s Far Seas “Five-Year Plan”

Erickson, Andrew. 13/11/13 : US Report: 1st Sub-launched Nuke Missile among China’s Recent Strides

Erickson, Andrew. 13/11/13 : China’s Search for Renewable Energy: Pragmatic Techno-nationalism

Erickson, Andrew. 05/11/13 : “No Substitute for Experience: Chinese Anti-Piracy Operations in the Gulf of Aden” (CMSI China Maritime Study #10)

Erickson, Andrew. 01/11/13 : China and the International Antipiracy Effort

Erickson, Andrew. 24/10/13 : Learning by Doing: PLAN Operational Innovations in the Gulf of Aden

Erickson, Andrew. 24/10/13 : Pragmatic Partners, the Unsung Story of U.S.-China Anti-Piracy Coordination

Erickson, Andrew. 23/10/13 : Lifting the Veil on China’s “Carrier-Killer”

Erickson, Andrew. 23/10/13 : China’s Naval Modernization and Implications for the United States

Erickson, Andrew. 23/10/13 : Ronald O’Rourke, Congressional Research Service (CRS), “China Naval Modernization: Implications for U.S. Navy Capabilities—Background and Issues for Congress” -- Latest Edition

Erickson, Andrew. 21/10/13 : Diego Garcia: Anchoring America’s Future Presence in the Indo-Pacific

Erickson, Andrew. 17/10/13 : China’s Air Force Comes of Age

Erickson, Andrew. 10/10/13 : The Relevant Organs: Institutional Factors behind China’s Gulf of Aden Deployment

Erickson, Andrew. 01/10/13 : Risks for U.S. in Asia with Shut-Down Soap Opera

Erickson, Andrew. 01/10/13 : Lee Kuan Yew’s Wisdom for Washington: Asian Geopolitics Won’t Shut Down with U.S. Government

Erickson, Andrew. 01/10/13 : Sunk Costs: China and the Pirates

Erickson, Andrew. 09/09/13 : Spring Training for the Big Leagues

Erickson, Andrew. 09/09/13 : China’s ‘Carrier-Killer’ Was Born in the Balkans: The DF-21D is China’s Answer to America’s Carriers, With an Unusual Origin in the Kosovo War

Erickson, Andrew. 23/08/13 : Updated Congressional Research Service (CRS) Report—Ronald O’Rourke, “Maritime Territorial and Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) Disputes Involving China: Issues for Congress”

Erickson, Andrew. 22/08/13 : Latest Congressional Research Service (CRS) Report—Ronald O’Rourke, “China Naval Modernization: Implications for U.S. Navy Capabilities—Background and Issues for Congress”

Erickson, Andrew. 06/08/13 : China Carrier Demo Module Highlights Surging Navy

Erickson, Andrew. 01/08/13 : The Influence of Airpower Upon Asian History

Erickson, Andrew. 19/07/13 : China Issues its Own “Report on U.S. Military Power 2012” & “Report on Japanese Military Power 2012”

Erickson, Andrew. 19/07/13 : More Signs that China May Be Facing an S-Curved Trajectory

Erickson, Andrew. 12/07/13 : Simplified Chinese Translation Now Available: “Chinese Mine Warfare: A PLA Navy ‘Assassin’s Mace’ Capability”

Erickson, Andrew. 12/07/13 : Latest Congressional Research Service (CRS) Report—Ronald O’Rourke, “China Naval Modernization: Implications for U.S. Navy Capabilities—Background and Issues for Congress”

Erickson, Andrew. 11/07/13 : Chinese Translation Now Available: “Chinese Mine Warfare: A PLA Navy ‘Assassin’s Mace’ Capability”

Erickson, Andrew. 11/07/13 : National Air and Space Intelligence Center (NASIC) Issues 2013 “Ballistic and Cruise Missile Threat” Report

Erickson, Andrew. 07/07/13 : The Dragon Extends its Reach: Chinese Military Power Goes Global

Erickson, Andrew. 23/06/13 : China SignPost™ (洞察中国) #71—“Counting Cars: Rising Private Automobile Ownership in Chinese Cities Paves Road for Gasoline Demand”

Erickson, Andrew. 20/06/13 : Latest Congressional Research Service (CRS) Report—Ronald O’Rourke, “China Naval Modernization: Implications for U.S. Navy Capabilities—Background and Issues for Congress”

Erickson, Andrew. 10/06/13 : A Statement before the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission, Panel III: “China’s Political and Security Challenges in the Middle East,” “China and the Middle East” hearing, Washington, DC, 6 June 2013

Erickson, Andrew. 07/06/13 : How China Got There First: Beijing’s Unique Path to ASBM Development and Deployment

Erickson, Andrew. 07/06/13 : How Obama and Xi Can Avoid California Dreaming

Erickson, Andrew. 06/06/13 : Hearing: “China and the Middle East”—Live Webcast, Statements, and Bios Now Available

Erickson, Andrew. 03/06/13 : U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission to Hold “China and the Middle East” Hearing, Thursday 6 June 2013

Erickson, Andrew. 30/05/13 : Chinese Anti-Ship Ballistic Missile Development: Drivers, Trajectories, and Strategic Implications

Erickson, Andrew. 24/05/13 : China Has Drones. Now What? When Beijing Will—and Won’t—Use Its UAVs

Erickson, Andrew. 22/05/13 : China’s Military and the U.S.-Japan Alliance in 2030: A Strategic Net Assessment

Erickson, Andrew. 16/05/13 : Lifting the Shroud on China’s Defense Spending: Trends, Drivers, and Implications—An Interview with Andrew S. Erickson and Adam P. Liff

Erickson, Andrew. 16/05/13 : India’s Steady Progress in Rockets and Satellites

Erickson, Andrew. 13/05/13 : Xi’s War Drums

Erickson, Andrew. 13/05/13 : Overseas Basing of U.S. Military Forces: An Assessment of Relative Costs and Strategic Benefits

Erickson, Andrew. 13/05/13 : Toward “Land” or Toward “Sea”? The High-Speed Railway and China’s Grand Strategy

Erickson, Andrew. 13/05/13 : Authoritarian Signaling, Mass Audiences, and Nationalist Protest in China

Erickson, Andrew. 07/05/13 : Pentagon Report Reveals Chinese Military Developments

Erickson, Andrew. 07/05/13 : Unpacking the Riches of the Pentagon’s China Report

Erickson, Andrew. 06/05/13 : DoD "Military and Security Developments Involving the People’s Republic of China 2013" Report Just Released

Erickson, Andrew. 15/04/13 : China’s 2013 Defense White Paper (“The Diversified Employment of China’s Armed Forces”/“中国武装力量的多样化运用”) Just Released

Erickson, Andrew. 14/04/13 : China SignPost™ (洞察中国) #70--Playing with Fire, Round 2: North Korea’s Potential Missile Threat to Asian Oil Refining Infrastructure

Erickson, Andrew. 12/04/13 : March: China’s Month of Mistakes

Erickson, Andrew. 08/04/13 : Inaugural Presentation in CSIS “China Reality Check” Speaker Series: “China’s Defense Budget: A Richer Nation Builds a Stronger Army”

Erickson, Andrew. 02/04/13 : Aviation Week & Space Technology Award-Winner Marc Szepan Reviews “Chinese Aerospace Power” in Royal Aeronautical Society Journal

Erickson, Andrew. 01/04/13 : Learning the Ropes in Blue Water: The Chinese Navy’s Gulf of Aden Deployments Have Borne Worthwhile Lessons in Far-Seas Operations—Lessons that Go Beyond the Antipiracy Mission

Erickson, Andrew. 25/03/13 : “Demystifying China’s Defence Spending: Less Mysterious in the Aggregate”--FirstView Version of Article Now Available on The China Quarterly Website

Erickson, Andrew. 25/03/13 : Latest Congressional Research Service (CRS) Report—Ronald O’Rourke, “China Naval Modernization: Implications for U.S. Navy Capabilities—Background and Issues for Congress”

Erickson, Andrew. 11/03/13 : China’s Military Development, Beyond the Numbers

Erickson, Andrew. 11/03/13 : New Fleet on the Block: China’s Coast Guard Comes Together

Erickson, Andrew. 07/03/13 : A Player, but No Superpower

Erickson, Andrew. 04/03/13 : China’s Military Budget Bump: What it Means

Erickson, Andrew. 04/03/13 : China’s 2013 Military Budget to Rise 10.7% to US $114.3 Billion--What it Means, and Why it Matters

Erickson, Andrew. 04/03/13 : China’s Xi Courts Military

Erickson, Andrew. 04/03/13 : China Channels Billy Mitchell: Anti-Ship Ballistic Missile Alters Region’s Military Geography

Erickson, Andrew. 01/03/13 : Demystifying China’s Defense Spending: Less Mysterious in the Aggregate

Erickson, Andrew. 01/03/13 : Killer Apps: Is China Working on a Nuclear Reactor For Aircraft Carriers?

Erickson, Andrew. 04/02/13 : Registration Open for Fourth Summer Training Workshop on the Relationship Between National Security and Technology in China, 21 July-2 August 2013

Erickson, Andrew. 04/02/13 : “China and Its Military” Library Guide--A Contribution from Naval War College Librarian Alice K. Juda

Erickson, Andrew. 03/02/13 : Missile Defense’s Real Enemy: Math

Erickson, Andrew. 31/01/13 : Of Growing Naval Concern

Erickson, Andrew. 31/01/13 : The “Malacca Dilemma”: Leading to Conflict with China or Dialogue and Cooperation?

Erickson, Andrew. 28/01/13 : The Y-20: China Aviation Milestone Means New Power Projection

Erickson, Andrew. 24/01/13 : Robert L. Worden Reviews “Chinese Aerospace Power” in Washington Journal of Modern China

Erickson, Andrew. 24/01/13 : “China Goes to Sea” Reviewed by Diana Sweet in Washington Journal of Modern China

Erickson, Andrew. 22/01/13 : Gray Matter for Gray Hulls: The Intellectual Software Powering the U.S. Navy’s Asia-Pacific Rebalance

Erickson, Andrew. 17/01/13 : This Simple Ship Could Let the Chinese Navy Circle the Globe

Erickson, Andrew. 12/01/13 : Chinese Statesmen and the Use of Air Power

Erickson, Andrew. 07/01/13 : Limited Liftoff Looming: Y-20 Transport Prepares for 1st Test Flight

Erickson, Andrew. 04/01/13 : Eye on China: 10 Key Trends to Watch in the Year of the Snake

Erickson, Andrew. 31/12/12 : Latest Congressional Research Service (CRS) Report—Ronald O’Rourke, “China Naval Modernization: Implications for U.S. Navy Capabilities—Background and Issues for Congress”

Erickson, Andrew. 29/12/12 : Transatlantic Security Cooperation in the Asia Pacific

Erickson, Andrew. 25/12/12 : China SignPost™ (洞察中国) #69--Elephant in the Room? Are mining companies on target as they look to India to help compensate for China’s lost commodity demand growth?

Erickson, Andrew. 19/12/12 : China SignPost™ (洞察中国) #68--China Military Jet Engine Development Overview: An eReader

Erickson, Andrew. 19/12/12 : Learning by Doing: The PLA Trains at Home and Abroad

Erickson, Andrew. 19/12/12 : The Chinese Air Force: Evolving Concepts, Roles, and Capabilities

Erickson, Andrew. 19/12/12 : What Does J-31 Tell Us About China

Erickson, Andrew. 06/12/12 : “The Long Pole in the Tent”: China’s Military Jet Engines

Erickson, Andrew. 27/11/12 : China Aircraft Carrier Style! Assessing the First Takeoff and Landing

Erickson, Andrew. 21/11/12 : “Death by Blue Water Navy” Distracts from China’s Real Military Focus

Erickson, Andrew. 07/11/12 : The Future of Chinese Nuclear Policy and Strategy

Erickson, Andrew. 04/11/12 : Taking Off: Implications of China’s Second Stealth Fighter Test Flight

Erickson, Andrew. 31/10/12 : U.S. Navy Take Notice: China is Becoming a World-Class Military Shipbuilder

Erickson, Andrew. 30/10/12 : Chinese Aircraft Carrier Update

Erickson, Andrew. 27/10/12 : The Meaning of the Nuclear Evolution: China’s Strategic Modernization and US-China Security Relations

Erickson, Andrew. 26/10/12 : Examining the New Aircraft Carrier through the PLA’s Revolution in “Organizational” Affairs

Erickson, Andrew. 25/10/12 : The Chinese Army Today: Tradition and Transformation for the 21st Century, 2nd ed.

Erickson, Andrew. 23/10/12 : Latest Congressional Research Service (CRS) Report—Ronald O’Rourke, “China Naval Modernization: Implications for U.S. Navy Capabilities—Background and Issues for Congress”

Erickson, Andrew. 17/10/12 : Delicate Touch: Flight Operations Begin on China’s First Aircraft Carrier

Erickson, Andrew. 08/10/12 : New Destroyer a Significant Development for Chinese Sea Power

Erickson, Andrew. 06/10/12 : Flightglobal’s Greg Waldron Reviews “Chinese Aerospace Power”

Erickson, Andrew. 04/10/12 : Webcast Available of “Strategic Asia 2012-13: China’s Military Challenge” Book Launch Event

Erickson, Andrew. 01/10/12 : National Bureau of Asian Research to Launch “Strategic Asia 2012-13: China’s Military Challenge” on Wednesday 3 October

Erickson, Andrew. 28/09/12 : China SignPost™ (洞察中国) #67--“Central and Southwest China: The Key Battleground for Shale Gas and New Low-Cost Coal Supplies from Xinjiang, Mongolia, and Wyoming”

Erickson, Andrew. 28/09/12 : Feng, Information Dissemination: “Liaoning and Future Carriers”

Erickson, Andrew. 27/09/12 : China’s Navy and Air Force: Advancing Capabilities and Missions—An Interview with Andrew S. Erickson

Erickson, Andrew. 26/09/12 : The Calm Before the Storm: China’s About to Find Out How Hard it is to Run an Aircraft Carrier

Erickson, Andrew. 26/09/12 : An Aircraft Carrier of One’s Own—After Much Struggle, China Finally Has the Massive Naval Vessel it Always Wanted

Erickson, Andrew. 26/09/12 : Who Left Skidmarks on the Flight Deck of China’s New Aircraft Carrier?

Erickson, Andrew. 26/09/12 : China: First Aircraft Carrier Entering Service

Erickson, Andrew. 25/09/12 : Introducing the “Liaoning”: China’s New Aircraft Carrier and What it Means

Erickson, Andrew. 25/09/12 : China’s Ministry of National Defense: 1st Aircraft Carrier “Liaoning” Handed Over to PLA Navy

Erickson, Andrew. 24/09/12 : Global Times: PLA National Defense University Professor States China’s 1st Aircraft Carrier Not Yet Delivered to Navy; Flag-Raising Ceremony Only a Rehearsal

Erickson, Andrew. 23/09/12 : China’s Navy Receives 1st Aircraft Carrier

Erickson, Andrew. 22/09/12 : China SignPost™ (洞察中国) #66--“Kings of Coal to Barons of Bling? Xinjiang’s Coal Boom will Drive Sales of Bentleys, BMWs, and other ‘Bling’”

Erickson, Andrew. 21/09/12 : China SignPost™ (洞察中国) #65--Xinjiang Poised to Become China’s Largest Coal Producer: Will Move Global Coal, Natural Gas, and Crude Oil Markets

Erickson, Andrew. 18/09/12 : Engine Woes Could Ground China’s Stealth Armada

Erickson, Andrew. 18/09/12 : Double Vision: Making Sense of China’s Second “Stealth” Fighter Prototype

Erickson, Andrew. 15/09/12 : China’s Modernization of Its Naval and Air Power Capabilities

Erickson, Andrew. 15/09/12 : Ashley Tellis: “Uphill Challenges: China’s Military Modernization and Asian Security”

Erickson, Andrew. 15/09/12 : “Strategic Asia 2012-13: China’s Military Challenge” Available for Pre-Order: e-version out 25 Sept., paperback release 3 Oct.

Erickson, Andrew. 15/09/12 : The Revenge of Geography: What the Map Tells Us About Coming Conflicts and the Battle Against Fate

Erickson, Andrew. 15/09/12 : Abraham Denmark Interviews Robert Kaplan on His New Book “The Revenge of Geography”

Erickson, Andrew. 15/09/12 : New Ships Give China’s Navy a Stronger Punch

Erickson, Andrew. 10/09/12 : Building an Active, Layered Defense: Chinese Naval and Air Force Advancement—An Interview with Andrew S. Erickson

Erickson, Andrew. 10/09/12 : China Will Name its First Aircraft Carrier ex-Varyag “Liaoning”: PRC State Media Portal

Erickson, Andrew. 08/09/12 : Coasting: Was the U.S. Navy Really Better in 1917?

Erickson, Andrew. 07/09/12 : Christopher Hughes reviews “China, the United States, and 21st Century Sea Power” in China Review International

Erickson, Andrew. 06/09/12 : Geography Rules: Why Mongolia’s China Mining Strategy is a Mistake

Erickson, Andrew. 05/09/12 : Deep-Water Oil Rigs as Strategic Weapons

Erickson, Andrew. 04/09/12 : China SignPost™ (洞察中国) #64: “Wyoming and Montana Could Become Major New Coal Suppliers to China and the Asian Market—If They Can Obtain Port Access”

Erickson, Andrew. 04/09/12 : Strategic Studies Quarterly Reviews “Chinese Aerospace Power: Evolving Maritime Roles”

Erickson, Andrew. 31/08/12 : Latest Congressional Research Service (CRS) Report—Ronald O’Rourke, “China Naval Modernization: Implications for U.S. Navy Capabilities—Background and Issues for Congress”

Erickson, Andrew. 31/08/12 : Strategic Asia 2012-13: China’s Military Challenge Book Launch Event

Erickson, Andrew. 31/08/12 : Cultivating Tomorrow’s Asia Hands

Erickson, Andrew. 29/08/12 : China’s Real Blue Water Navy

Erickson, Andrew. 29/08/12 : China and the Emerging Strategic Competition in Aerospace Power

Erickson, Andrew. 29/08/12 : Thomas Mahnken’s Conclusion to “Competitive Strategies for the 21st Century: Theory, History, and Practice”

Erickson, Andrew. 29/08/12 : China’s Strategic Forces in the 21st Century: The People’s Liberation Army’s Changing Nuclear Doctrine and Force Posture

Erickson, Andrew. 29/08/12 : The State of the U.S.-China Competition

Erickson, Andrew. 29/08/12 : Changing the Rules of the Game: The Commercial Aircraft Industry in China

Erickson, Andrew. 28/08/12 : Asia’s New Arms Race: Missiles, Missile Defenses

Erickson, Andrew. 24/08/12 : China’s Ballistic Missiles: A Force to be Reckoned With

Erickson, Andrew. 24/08/12 : China’s Maritime Salient: Competitive Strategies on the Oceanic Front for the 21st Century

Erickson, Andrew. 23/08/12 : Japan’s Competitive Strategies at Sea: A Preliminary Assessment

Erickson, Andrew. 22/08/12 : Asia in the Balance: Transforming U.S. Military Strategy in Asia

Erickson, Andrew. 22/08/12 : Developing a Strategy for Long-term Sino-American Competition

Erickson, Andrew. 21/08/12 : Cultural Barriers to Implementing a Competitive Strategy

Erickson, Andrew. 21/08/12 : Steady as She Goes: Aircraft Appear Aboard China’s Varyag

Erickson, Andrew. 21/08/12 : China SignPost™ (洞察中国) #63: “North-Central China Offers Massive Market Opportunity for Mongolian Coal Miners”

Erickson, Andrew. 20/08/12 : Assessing the Undersea Balance between the United States and China

Erickson, Andrew. 17/08/12 : A Competitive Strategy with Chinese Characteristics? The Second Artillery’s Growing Conventional Forces and Missions

Erickson, Andrew. 17/08/12 : China SignPost™ (洞察中国) #62: “Spaceplane Development Becomes a New Dimension of Emerging U.S.-China Space Competition”

Erickson, Andrew. 13/08/12 : China SignPost™ (洞察中国) #61: “Can Inland Consumption Soften Coastal Industrial Slump? China’s Weak Earthmover Sales and Poor Coal Demand Point to More Economic Turbulence, But Second and Third Tier Property Markets Show Flashes of Life”

Erickson, Andrew. 13/08/12 : Leading Expert Scott Truver Endorses Conclusions of CMSI’s China Maritime Study #3 on Chinese Mine Warfare

Erickson, Andrew. 06/08/12 : External Intervention and the Politics of State Formation - China, Indonesia, and Thailand, 1893–1952

Erickson, Andrew. 02/08/12 : China SignPost™ (洞察中国) #60: “Downturn to ‘New Normal’? China’s Consumer Economy is Rolling Over and Sales of Chicken, Cars, and Shoes Are Taking a Hit”

Erickson, Andrew. 27/07/12 : “Selfish Superpower” No Longer? China’s Anti-Piracy Activities and 21st-Century Global Maritime Governance

Erickson, Andrew. 26/07/12 : Twenty-First Century Seapower: Cooperation and Conflict at Sea

Erickson, Andrew. 26/07/12 : China Defense Blog’s Recommended Read: Asian Security Article on 2nd Arty Conventional Capabilities

Erickson, Andrew. 23/07/12 : The Conventional Missile Capabilities of China’s Second Artillery Force: Cornerstone of Deterrence and Warfighting

Erickson, Andrew. 23/07/12 : Richard Halloran Reviews CMSI Vol. 4--“China, the United States & 21st Century Sea Power”--in Parameters

Erickson, Andrew. 23/07/12 : CMSI China Maritime Study #9--“Not Congruent but Quite Complementary: U.S. and Chinese Approaches to Nontraditional Security”

Erickson, Andrew. 16/07/12 : Mutually Assured Destruction or Dependence? U.S. and Chinese Perspectives on China’s Military Development

Erickson, Andrew. 15/07/12 : Regional Implications for China’s Newest Oil Rig

Erickson, Andrew. 12/07/12 : Latest Congressional Research Service (CRS) Report—Ronald O’Rourke, “China Naval Modernization: Implications for U.S. Navy Capabilities—Background and Issues for Congress”

Erickson, Andrew. 12/07/12 : China Awaits Fighter Export Breakthrough

Erickson, Andrew. 28/06/12 : “Chinese Aerospace Power” & “China, The United States and 21st-Century Sea Power” Reviewed in Warship 2012’s “Naval Books of the Year”

Erickson, Andrew. 28/06/12 : Recommended Reading: A Plain Sailorman in China

Erickson, Andrew. 27/06/12 : Kindle Editions of 4 CMSI Volumes Now Available; 5th to Follow

Erickson, Andrew. 19/06/12 : Chinese Crew Works in Tiangong after 1st Manned Shenzhou Docking

Erickson, Andrew. 18/06/12 : China’s Rendezvous in Space

Erickson, Andrew. 16/06/12 : Making History in the Heavens: Liu Yang Becomes 1st Female Chinese Astronaut in Orbit as 3-Person Shenzhou-9 Mission Heads for Docking with Tiangong-1 Space Laboratory Module

Erickson, Andrew. 16/06/12 : David Axe, Danger Room--“Video: Secret Space Plane Shatters Orbital Record as Chinese Rival Looms”

Erickson, Andrew. 15/06/12 : Galrahn Discusses Recent Posts from Information Dissemination’s 5th Anniversary “Virtual Conference: Celebrating Seapower Online”

Erickson, Andrew. 14/06/12 : Are China’s Near Seas “Anti-Navy” Capabilities Aimed Directly at the United States?

Erickson, Andrew. 13/06/12 : James Fallows Quotes China SignPost™ (洞察中国) #47 Aeroengine Study in His New Book “China Airborne”

Erickson, Andrew. 13/06/12 : The Shi Lang, A Vehicle for Regional Change?

Erickson, Andrew. 13/06/12 : PRC Area-Denial Capabilities and American Power Projection, Part 2

Erickson, Andrew. 13/06/12 : PRC Area-Denial Capabilities and American Power Projection, Part 1

Erickson, Andrew. 11/06/12 : Microsatellites: A Bellwether of Chinese Aerospace Progress?

Erickson, Andrew. 07/06/12 : Like it or Not: State Oil Company Becomes ‘Flag’ in South China Sea

Erickson, Andrew. 04/06/12 : Joan Johnson-Freese: Space Code Key to Protecting U.S. Space Interests

Erickson, Andrew. 04/06/12 : How Will New Submarine Sensors and Payloads Influence Naval Warfare in the 21st Century?

Erickson, Andrew. 04/06/12 : Information Dissemination Marks 5th Anniversary with “Virtual Conference: Celebrating Seapower Online”

Erickson, Andrew. 04/06/12 : Gabe Collins: 12 Things Missing from China Report

Erickson, Andrew. 25/05/12 : More Signs of an S-Curved Trajectory?

Erickson, Andrew. 24/05/12 : 5 Things the Pentagon Isn’t Telling Us About the Chinese Military

Erickson, Andrew. 23/05/12 : How Denmark Sees Asia

Erickson, Andrew. 23/05/12 : Military Deliveries Continue: Minesweepers

Erickson, Andrew. 18/05/12 : Press Briefing on 2012 DOD Report to Congress on “Military and Security Developments Involving the People’s Republic of China”

Erickson, Andrew. 18/05/12 : Department of Defense 2012 China Report Just Released

Erickson, Andrew. 15/05/12 : The Aegis BMD Global Enterprise: A ‘High End’ Maritime Partnership

Erickson, Andrew. 15/05/12 : China’s Aerospace Power Trajectory in the Near Seas

Erickson, Andrew. 15/05/12 : Chinese and Indian Strategic Behavior: Growing Power and Alarm

Erickson, Andrew. 14/05/12 : Closing the Tech Gap: China’s Spaceplane

Erickson, Andrew. 14/05/12 : Is China About to Get Its Military Jet Engine Program Off the Ground?

Erickson, Andrew. 13/05/12 : Kindle Editions of 3 CMSI Volumes Now Available; Others to Follow

Erickson, Andrew. 12/05/12 : China SignPost™ (洞察中国) #59--“China’s Rising Seaborne Food and Fuel Imports: Propelling Naval Expansion?”

Erickson, Andrew. 12/05/12 : China and the Politics of Oil – Analysis

Erickson, Andrew. 12/05/12 : China’s Divine Space Plane?

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