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Björn Jerdén (叶必扬)

Princeton-Harvard China and the World Affiliate

Björn Jerdén (叶必扬) is Asia Program Director at the Swedish Institute of International Affairs. He holds a MA in International Relations from Malmö University and a PhD in Political Science from Stockholm University. Björn was a Visiting Fellow at Harvard University Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies in 2015–2016 and a Taiwan Fellow at National Taiwan University in 2013. His research has recently appeared in Review of International Studies, Asian Perspective and The Chinese Journal of International Politics.

Björn Jerdén's Ph.D from Stockholm University, Political Science research project, "Expertise and International Authority: China's Uphill Battle in East Asia," explores the role of expert knowledge as a base for international authority in power struggles between rising and established powers.  It examines China's rise and power relations in and beyond the Asia-Pacific and develops theory on how security-related expertise is created and disseminated. 


Jerdén, B. (2017) ‘Security expertise and international hierarchy: the case of “The Asia-Pacific Epistemic Community”’, Review of International Studies, , pp. 1–22. doi: 10.1017/S0260210516000437.

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